Friday, March 21, 2008

Politics and Kool-Aid

I just read something an 'article' about Obama's recent speech, "A More Perfect Union," addressing issues of race in our country. This 'article' consisted largely of name-calling saying Obama was a big fraud and was playing the race card and trying to guilt whites into voting for him.

Of course, this leads me to believe the writer couldn't possibly have actually seen or read the speech. It was one of the most eloquent, direct and blame-free discussions of race I've heard. He addresses a history of past inequities but puts it into the context of our countries ongoing process of perfecting our democracy. Alluding the to Preamble of the Constitution, ("We the people, of the United States of America, in order to form a perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility...) he enjoins us all to be responsible, compassionate and work together in the great American experiment.

If you haven't seen/heard it you can find the video and text here:

Anyway, back to the article... The reader comments cheered the author on for his "insightful analysis" and lamented the cultish Obamaniacs. "Can't the see this guy is all pretty talk with no substance. They've all drunk some powerful cool aid."

So... I felt compelled to respond.

Posted by: Artemystic - Mar 21, 02:05 AM

It makes me sad to see the (lack of useful) dialogue happening here.

Why did Obama give a speech addressing race? Because his opponents and the media were making it an issue. Yes, he did it while running for President. That does not make straight-talk about the topic any less useful.

While other candidates are mud-slinging, name-calling and trying to polarize people, Obama responds not by saying, "Poor me. They're picking on the black guy again." Rather he opens a thoughtful dialogue about the situation with race in the country.

So let's look at it.

An intentional perversion of truth; deceitful practice or device resorted to with intent to deprive another of property or other right.

The Clinton campaign calls Jeremiah Wright anti-American and depicts him as a dangerous fringe element. "Ooops... We forgot we invited him to the White House dinner we organized for our nation's religious leaders. Uh-oh... and there are pictures of Bill Clinton shaking his hand with Al Gore standing in the background and Hillary at a nearby table?"

The Clinton campaign circulates the NAFTA news from Canada calling Obama a liar on the days before the OH and TX elections. "Oops... the quote was actually from somebody on our campaign staff and the Obama folks never said anything inconsistent with Obama's stand on NAFTA."

And while campaigning in OH (where industry jobs have been lost overseas) Hillary speaks out against NAFTA saying she wouldn't support it as it is and has always been opposed to it. "Oops... I want to count my husband's time in the White House as part of my experience but not be held to account for what we actually did during that time." "Double Oops... My tour schedule and speaking engagements where I was promoting NAFTA and how great it will be for the country are on record?"

McCain saying he will always stand firm against the use of torture because he's experienced it and knows the depths of its inhumanity. "Oops... You mean for me to play with the big boys and get the endorsement from the White House I have to vote for torture? Okay, torture it is, then."

McCain saying he's for political reform and holding politicitians to account. "Oops... You mean I'm not supposed to use public funds of my office to pay for my fundraising trips?" "Oops... I'll take millions of public campaign funds and then when I reach the spending limit just break the rules and take the RNC money."

After being one of the 5 Senators involved in S & L bailout fraud, he says he'll never abuse the influence of his position again to interfere with regulatory bodies. "Oops... You mean I can't tell the FCC they have to process my lobbyist friend's application by X date?" Then after claiming he never sent the letter to the FCC pushing them for approval. "Double Oops... You have my sworn testimony at Senate hearing talking about the contents of the letter I just said I never sent?"

You say Obama is all pretty talk. Read his Blueprint for Change and criticize him on the merits of his plan, rather than blindly saying he doesn't have one.

Many here seem to get their jollies with the name-calling of Obama and saying that he's a fraud. But if you're shouting "fraud" while supporting one of the other corrupt politicians, you really have to wonder who's been drinking the Kool-Aid.

Feel free to comment. (But I'm hoping for something other than name-calling and ideological righteousness.)

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