Friday, March 21, 2008

Brain for ransom

Sometimes when the list of things to do gets to long, I experience a kind of paralysis that I think of as overwhelm.

I have a similar experience in the domain of writing. I sit down to write something and have so much stuff backlogged in my brain that it is difficult to write about the thing I’m trying to.

This is strikingly clear to me as I tackle the notion of writing a book. I hear stories from writers about how they hate writing, how they have to force themselves to do it, or sometimes how they get dragged kicking and screaming through the process by the book calling itself forth to be written.

This last case is how I feel. The more I think about and talk about the book, the more it grabs hold of me and won’t let go. So when I try to surrender myself to it, I think of all the scores of other things that I’ve promised people and that I’m supposed to be writing.

So, you can imagine how that affects the chances of me writing in my blog.

…but who knows, stranger things have happened.

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