Saturday, March 15, 2008

Democracy in Action

Photos from the Jefferson County convention and assembly (Colorado)

I’m blogging from the Jefferson County Democractic Party Assembly/Convention. This is a strange and interesting experience. There were a number of speakers, the county officials, Presidential surrogates, Senator Salazar, Congressman (and Senatorial Candidate) Udall.

A Denver commissioner spoke on behalf of Hillary Clinton and did a nice job of portraying her as the tough broad who knows how to make back room deal happen, and the only candidate that opposed Cheney’s back room energy deal.

Ed Perlmutter spoke on behalf of Barack Obama. Frankly his speech was quite disappointing. Other than reading some quotes from Jefferson and Washington, his main point was about how the little things that show what kind of person someone is, Obama gave his char to Ed’s wife at an event.

Yeah. I know. It seems like there are a lot of other worthwhile things to have said. I’m not sure Perlmutter was in the best position to be speaking to this group since he was addressing his own constituency and needs the votes from the Hillary supporters to keep his office.

After all the speakers, there were nominations for county commissioners

The turnout is certainly impressive. Apparently there are over 3,000 delegates and 1,200 alternates that have shown up. The alternates are still awaiting word for admittance and this main room is already standing room only.

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