Monday, November 19, 2007

A serious crack in the facade?

The nice thing about having a phone that makes photo-blogging really easy is that I’m sending weird and insignificant stuff to this blog. I considered making a separate photo-blog so I could put my serious stuff here. But I think that’s much of the problem of why I don’t write here. Too serious.

It also kind of defeats the point of blogging, the opportunity to be a real and multi-dimensional human and not simply present some pre-packaged image. Anyway, I’m hoping the added element of silly pictures increases my likelihood to start making silly posts, just so that I post something.


hvyTK said...

hear hear! I'm all for silly content (whether pictured or put into words). Keep 'em coming, Art.

mickki said...

I like how you're yourself a fun way to start interacting with your blog, instead of trying to create things that are significant.

Rock on!