Monday, February 19, 2007

Change of Heart and of Address

Even though the sole prior entry says "I'm not making any promises," I just made one to be blogging here.

In an attempt to put in writing the myriad gems that currently seem to exist only in conversation about currencies, communities, collaboration, collective intelligence and such, I have promised Jean that I'll start blogging.

Being the proactive person that she is, she immediately sent a message out to a handful of folks to invite them to start coming here for currency scoops and to provide their wisdom and feedback. Moments after receiving a copy of her message, I realized I want people to be coming to a more permanent blog address since I intend on using my own tools in the not-too-distant future. So if you came here through please update your records to start using instead.

No matter what tools I decide to use for as long as I continue this blogging endeavor, I will be sure to keep this address pointing to the right place. So to repeat myself unnecessarily for the benefit of bold formatting: Please use to access my blog in the future.

...and thanks for being somebody who would care or even be reading this.

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